Your questions answered!
  • What is an IGK Brand Ambassador?

    • Simply put, our IGK Army has helped us create an IGK movement, showing their love for the brand while getting free swag and cash along the way! Our IGK Brand Ambassadors are outgoing individuals and professional stylists who are active in their communities. Oh, and they really love IGK and want to share it with everyone they know! By becoming an IGK Ambassador, you’ll get access to exclusive perks, free swag, cool content, plus an exclusive referral code that your friends, family, and followers can use to shop at 20% off their first purchase. And did we mention we’ll give you 15% commission on each sale you make?! To be an IGK Brand Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram with over 1K followers, and be over the age of 18. At this time we are currently accepting applications from US only.
  • What are the rules of the Brand Ambassador Program?

    • Your participation in the Brand Ambassador Program is governed by the Program Terms and Policies which contains all of the rules of the program.

      Below are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Brand Ambassador Program rules.

      These rules are very important so please read through them carefully.

      1. You must be 18 or older to participate
      2. Please don’t comment with your Ambassador code on any IGK Hair social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), even if you see another Ambassador doing it.
      3. DO NOT add your Ambassador code to coupon sites, it’s cheating! We check these sites frequently. If we find your rep code added to one of these coupon sites, you will be notified immediately and this will be cause for REMOVAL from the Ambassador Program.
      4. Don’t share the 50% off promotion single promotion we share with you when accepted into the program! This is specifically for you to use as a gift from our team so you can try or restock on any IGK products you’d like. Also, you don’t earn sales from it, so it’s not worth it.
      5. Remember that the purpose of an IGK Brand Ambassador program is to bring new clients to the brand and help people get to know IGK!
      6. Be kind and respectful to all other reps.
      7. And most importantly, your Ambassador Code is now automatically generated for you when you apply! Hint: The Coupon ID you enter MUST end in 20. If the system says that it is already taken then you may use a different number like 19 or 21. Make sure there are NO characters either!