• What is the difference between permanent color, demi-permanent color, semi-permanent color and temporary color?

    • While they sound a lot alike, there’s a distinct difference between each kind of hair color.
      Here’s a crash course:
      •Temporary color is exactly as it sounds: temporary. The color sits on top of the hair cuticle and is washed away with water or shampoo. Think sprays, hair chalk etc..
      •Semi-Permanent color is developed with a single product, so you don’t need to mix it with an oxidizer. The color is applied directly to the hair and then processed for 20 – 30 minutes, sometimes using heat. The results gradually fade over time and will generally last for 7 - 10 shampoos.
      •Demi-permanent color is a 2-part system that uses a dye pigment mixed with a low volume oxidizer. The low volume oxidizer limits the amount of color change, so the results are long-lasting but not necessarily permanent.
      •Permanent color is, well, just that. It’s a 2-part system that uses a dye pigment and oxidizer, which is usually a solution of hydrogen peroxide. When the two parts combine, the mixture both removes some of the hair’s natural pigment molecules and deposits the desired color molecules which changes the color of the hair permanently.
  • Will IGK Color cover my grays?

    • Yes. IGK Color is permanent and will cover gray hair. Depending on how resistant your hair is, you may need more time to process. Be sure to read the directions provided on how long you should leave the color on for the best results.
  • What do the numbers and letters mean on the IGK Color box?

    • It’s how we designate the characteristics of our shades. The number defines the level or depth in the shade (aka the lightness/darkness of a shade) and is designated with 1 being black, 10 being the lightest blonde. The letters directly following the number identify the tone or tones. The first letter is the dominant tone, and the second letter is the supporting tone.

      Here’s an example: 5GM (Brown, Gold, Mahogany)
      1 Black
      2 Almost Black
      3 Darkest Brown
      4 Dark Brown
      5 Brown
      6 Light Brown
      7 Dark Blonde
      8 Blonde
      9 Light Blonde
      10 Very Light Blonde

      Natural - N
      Blue - B
      Violet - V
      Gold - G
      Copper - C
      Mahogany - M
      Red - R
  • Why do I need to use the Color Consultation Tool?

    • Think of it like your virtual professional colorist. The questions are meant to mimic a real chat you’d have with an IGK pro about your hair history and desired color results, so we can determine which options are best for you.
  • What if I don’t like the color choice the Color Consultation created for me?

    • Our Color Consultation Tool uses your hair history and hair goals to advise on shades that are best suited for you. You’re more than welcome to choose from any of the 25 shades in our color portfolio, but please note that the results may not be as intended.
  • How do I determine my natural color level?

    • First, determine if you have brown, blonde, red or black hair. From there, we’ll determine the “depth” of your color. For example, if you’re a brunette, are you on the lighter side of brown shade or darker side leaning towards black? Reference our color chart below.
      Level 1: Black
      Level 2: Very Dark Brown
      Level 3: Dark Brown
      Level 4: Medium Brown
      Level 5: Light Brown
      Level 6: Dark Blonde
      Level 7: Medium Blonde
      Level 8: Light Blonde
      Level 9: Very Light Blonde
      Level 10: Brightest Blonde/Platinum
  • How do I determine the % of gray in my hair?

    • Finding your % of gray is actually pretty simple. First, stand a few feet in front of the mirror with indirect light. Then, use the below as your guide:
      •Less than 30% gray: less gray than natural color
      •50% gray: equal parts gray and natural color
      •75% gray: predominately gray with a touch of natural color
      •100% gray: all you see is gray
  • Why do you need to know about my past chemical services or hair treatments?

    • Previous color services or chemical treatments may impact color results. As a rule, it’s always best to wait 2 weeks between treatments to ensure zero impact on hair health and flawless color results.
  • What makes IGK Color different?

    • IGK Color is the first at-home color formulated with the highest level of clean ingredients. IGK Color delivers superior color brilliance and wearability for all hair types and textures. It’s formulated without known allergens like PPD and resorcinol. It’s free from ammonia, fragrance, phthalates, parabens, and gluten. You get salon-worthy colors that expertly camouflages non-pigmented hair, lightens, darkens, and can change tones. Plus, IGK color also provides intense conditioning, protection, and shine while effortlessly coloring each strand.
  • Why is Squalane included in the IGK Color formula?

    • Squalane, derived from sugar cane, is a well-known and favored ingredient typically found in skincare products. IGK found this plant-based ingredient also works wonders for your hair health. It’s super emollient and effortlessly rehydrates, replenishes, and protects hair from future damage. Plus, ours is sustainably sourced.
  • Why is Orchid Extract included in the IGK Color formula?

    • Orchid Extract is a natural moisturizer, brilliant hair protector and guards against chemical damage, heat and UV exposure.
  • Why is Bamboo Extract included in the IGK Color formula?

    • Bamboo is the perfect strengthening agent. Rich in silica, it fortifies the cuticle layer, improving color retention and enhancing shine.
  • How can IGK Color deliver 15x shine?

    • We think fresh color looks best on shiny hair, so we made sure to include conditioning agents like orchid extract in our color, plus a shine-enhancing clear treatment mask to close the cuticle layer and seal in color. When used together, IGK Color can deliver 15x the shine.
  • How does IGK Color deliver 88% softer/smoother strands?

    • Our naturally derived squalane extract helps to smooth and soften hair. It is highly emollient and helps to rehydrate hair, replenish the natural moisture balance and protect from future damage.
  • How does IGK Color reduce breakage by 44%?

    • We formulated IGK Color with a blend of conditioning agents, humectants, and strengthening agents. This specialty blend ensures hair remains supple and hydrated, fortifying hair against damage caused during the coloring process.
  • Will IGK Color improve the health of my hair?

    • The hallmarks of healthy hair include brilliant shine, supple condition, and manageability. IGK Color is formulated using the best ingredients to deliver gorgeous color with 15x improvement in shine, 88% improved hair condition, and 44% reduction in hair breakage. We like to think the numbers speak for themselves.
  • Is IGK Color tested on animals?

    • No. IGK hair products, including our hair color, are not tested on animals.
  • Is IGK Color vegan?

    • Yes. Our color is created without using animal-derived ingredients.
  • Is IGK Color a clean color formula?

    • We formulated IGK Color as clean as possible by omitting harsh ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and known allergens like PPD and resorcinol.
  • Where is IGK Color made?

    • IGK Color is made in Italy and professionally packaged right here in the USA. We concepted and designed IGK Color alongside master colorists in our professional salons to bring the shades to life.
  • I have leftover color. Can I save it for touchups?

    • No. You cannot save leftover hair color for two reasons:
      1. When you mix IGK Activate and IGK Color Pigment, the formula begins to oxidize, creating color energy in the bottle. This energy, if stored, can cause the bottle to expand and can create an unintentional (and very colorful) mess.
      2.Pre-oxidized color cannot be saved and reused as it will not fully color your hair, which may lead to an undesirable result.
  • If I have long hair, how many boxes of color do I need?

    • IGK Color contains enough product to completely cover thin-medium shoulder-length hair. However, if your hair is exceptionally long or thick and you are coloring your whole head for the first time, you will need two boxes to ensure that you have sufficient product. If you have long, thick hair and are coloring the roots only, not the lengths, one box will be more than enough.
  • Can I take my brunette hair to blonde with IGK Color?

    • IGK Color is not designed to take your hair color more than two levels lighter. If you have previously colored your hair, IGK Color can help enhance your hair color or take your hair darker. But, IGK Color cannot lighten your previously colored hair.
  • Do I apply IGK Color to wet or dry hair?

    • IGK Color is applied to dry hair. When hair is wet, the excess water can dilute the color giving you uneven color results.
  • Do I need to have clean hair before applying IGK Color?

    • It’s best to apply IGK Color to hair that has been washed one to two days prior rather than freshly cleaned strands. Your scalp’s natural sebum establishes a protective color barrier to ensure your hair is colored versus your scalp. However, if you have dry shampoo, temporary color or other styling products on your hair it is best to wash your hair before applying IGK Color to ensure the best results.
  • My hair is darker than I anticipated. How can I fix it?

    • You can use a detoxifying shampoo such as First Class Charcoal Detox Shampoo after coloring your hair, up to 48 hours, which may remove some of the freshly applied color. However, you should not try and use another color to change the tone. We recommend consulting with a salon professional to discuss next steps and the best, safest approach for your hair.
  • My hair is lighter than I anticipated. How can I fix it?

    • That’s an easy fix. It can be as simple as moving one shade darker than your original selection. Or, if you want to try a different tone, the IGK Color Consultation Tool can assist in finding a complimentary shade. https://igkhair.com/pages/color-consultation
  • Do I need to perform an allergy test?

    • Yes, it’s recommended that you perform an allergy test prior to coloring your hair. While IGK Color is free of harsh chemicals, it’s always best to perform a strand test when using a new hair product to ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredients found in the formula.
  • The color coming out of the tube is slightly discolored. Is it okay to use?

    • It’s perfectly normal for the tone to be slightly discolored when you first squeeze the product out of the tube. When color is exposed to oxygen the oxidative dyes can adjust slightly, but it will not negatively impact your color results.
  • Will IGK Color stain my sink and towels?

    • Yes, IGK Color is permanent hair color and can stain your sink, clothes, and towels. We suggest using older or darker-colored towels to cover your neck and shoulders and to use them when washing and rinsing the color away. For sinks, bathtubs, and counters, household materials like bathroom cleaner plus a sponge can help eliminate stains that may occur during color application.
  • When do I start my processing time?

    • Processing time should begin after you’ve finished applying color to all sections. Removing your color too early can negatively impact the outcome.
  • Do I need to do something different to treat color-resistant gray hair?

    • There are a few tips for ensuring your resistant grays are effectively camouflaged:
      - Adjust the processing time from 35 minutes to 45 minutes
      - Apply color to the most resistant area first (typically around hairline and top of head), then follow with the other sections as directed
      - Circle back and reapply more color to the resistant area after all other sections are complete for additional color saturation
  • My hair has been chemically treated (permed, relaxed, chemically etc.). Can I still use IGK Color?

    • If your hair has been chemically treated with a perm, it’s always recommended to perform a strand test prior to use to ensure desired color results. Permanently waved hair may absorb color differently than non-permed hair. If you have relaxed hair, we recommend you do NOT use IGK Color.
  • I have highlights. Can I use IGK Color to touch them up?

    • IGK color is not designed for retouching highlights, however, it can help to alleviate the appearance of darker roots. Lightening natural regrowth by one or two levels can soften the look of grown-out highlights.
  • Can I use IGK Color if I’ve used a keratin smoothing treatment?

    • Yes, IGK color is safe to use post keratin treatment. We recommend you also refer to the Keratin Treatment manufacturer's directions to ensure the best color results.
  • How many days do I have to wait to shampoo after coloring my hair?

    • It’s best to wait two days before returning to your regular haircare routine. The formula is permanent, and the color results will last up to 30 shampoos.
  • Is it normal to feel tingling?

    • Tingling is a common occurrence when coloring your hair. If it becomes uncomfortable, then rinse your hair immediately. An aggressive itching feeling or irritation means you may be allergic to hair color. In this case, an alternative such as IGK Color depositing masks may be a good solution to adjust tone and add shine without irritation.
  • Can I use hair color if I have a sunburned scalp?

    • It will generally take upwards of 3 – 5 days for your scalp to heal after a sunburn. Be sure the inflammation and redness have dissipated before applying any hair color. The overall pH of the formula can irritate your scalp and make the experience unpleasant. As a rule, if your scalp feels uncomfortable, do NOT color your hair. Wait until your scalp returns to normal.
  • Can I use IGK Color if I have eczema?

    • If you’re suffering a breakout, it’s best to wait before applying color. Unfortunately, the chemistry of the color can exacerbate eczema and lead to inflammation.
  • Can I use IGK Color while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

    • While our products are free from harsh chemicals, it’s always recommended that you consult with your physician before using any new product while pregnant.
  • Will IGK Color damage my hair?

    • The IGK Color formula is designed to be non-damaging. However, if your hair is already damaged (think: dry, fragile ends, easily tangles, brittle, hard to style, etc.), IGK Color may not be able to reverse damage or repair the hair.
  • If my hair is damaged, can I still use IGK Color?

    • Yes, you can still color your hair even if it’s damaged. IGK Color contains nourishing ingredients like squalene and orchid extract and hair-strengthening bamboo. To ensure a flawless application, follow these tips:
      - Perform a strand test to ensure hair is healthy enough to absorb and retain color
      - Use a deep conditioning treatment 24 hours before applying color
      - Apply to the roots first, then follow with the mid-lengths and ends. This is especially true for areas exposed to heat damage or previously lightened hair
  • Do I have to use everything in the kit?

    • The kit is designed with everything you need to create salon-quality hair color at home. It’s like having a professional colorist on demand. To achieve the best results, we advise using everything in your kit as directed.
  • What are the ingredients for each shade?