Hollywood’s Top Hairstylists Developed The Best Mask For Vibrant, Conditioned Hair

Get the hair you want, when you want it

Behind every gorgeous head of rotating color hues, there’s a lot of time and money being spent, and repairs and corrections being done.

As much as you wish otherwise, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies in the world of coloring your hair every month (or every week!).

The uneven color distribution, the dry, dull ends, and the permanent damage most temporary dyes leave is less than favorable. But you’re an undeniably creative being, so there’s no other choice.

Or is there?

What if there was a way that you could have all the fun of experimenting with color, playing with new styles, and making changes to your hair whenever you feel inspired – without the harsh chemicals or long-term commitment?

Luckily for you, there is.

Instant, Nourishing Color MasksAre Your Hair’s New BFF

A semi-permanent, one-step hair mask that colors and nourishes your precious tresses – so you never have to choose between the two again.

The celebrity stylists behind IGK’s latest and greatest color tool – Color Depositing Masks – knew there had to be a way to let people express their hair dreams in a way that gave them creative freedom, while also protecting their hair.

What they didn’t know was that it would quickly become the hottest semi-permanent coloring option in the industry.

No other hair mask provides precise shade matching the way Color Depositing Masks do. Whether you want to brighten your natural hair tone, or flaunt a vibrant blue mane for the weekend, these masks have you covered.

Say “see you never” to the brittle, dry ends and thinning hair many heavy duty bleaching and dyeing result in. The Color Depositing Mask has a conditioning effect to help strengthen and support your gorgeous locks while also having fun with it. Win-win!

Plus, with so many color options, you’ll never run out of ways to play!

18 Color Options, Unlimited Potential
On The Money
A La Plage
Feelin' Peachy
Dreams Come Blue
Brown Bella
Strawberry Milkshake
Magic Storm
Cali Cali
Fortune Teller
Pink 2000
Pitch Black
Honey Please
Tarantino Red
Cyber Tokyo
Electric Bronze
On The Money
A La Plage
Feelin' Peachy
Dreams Come Blue
Brown Bella
Strawberry Milkshake
Magic Storm
Cali Cali

Color Your World, One Strand At A Time

The only semi-permanent dye option that gives you total control while nourishing your hair from roots to tips

18 Color Options

Hydrated Hair

Simple Application

The IGK founders meticulously formulated 18 color variations in a simple at-home, semi-permanent hair dye. Every detail of the product was considered, including the tube it comes in, which provides total control over the amount of product you use. No more wasted money or globs of dye down the drain.

You can also save by using IGK’s live color try on, an easy online tool to make sure you get the exact color you want. Once you choose your shade, you’ll have a vibrant, rejuvenating finish in minutes.

The best part is your hair will instantly look and feel healthier, and be ready to take on the town.

Color Depositing Masks give hair an evenly distributed color treatment that fades gradually, and uniformly. Even if you’re just touching up your natural hair color, you’ll get a totally revived look from just a few minutes of application.

Colors You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The Color Depositing Mask formula is made with ultra-hydrating ingredients so you can rock the sexy, shiny hair you deserve.

Color your hair in minutes while deeply conditioning it with three naturally nourishing ingredients.

IGK only uses the best, top-shelf ingredients, because your hair deserves to be treated like royalty.

Color Depositing Masks are made with hydrating squalane, strengthening prickly pear, and shine-inducing meadowfoam oil. The formula is completely vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free, so you can color with confidence.

Color in Less
Than 15 minutes

Deeply Conditions &
Hydrates Hair

Great for
All Hair Types

Say goodbye to the sky-high credit card payments and cringe-worthy damage from color correcting.

Flaunt your shiniest, healthiest hair, in the most fun shades. All from one tube of semi-permanent color. Color Depositing Masks put the control (and convenience!) back in your hands.

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