This Award-Winning Dry Shampoo is a Celebrity Stylist Secret For Maximizing Volume
Before you wash your hair again, reach for this all-natural, vegan dry shampoo for a quick refresh.
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May 25, 2022
by: Richelle Ford, Senior Editor
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Hair stylists and dermatologists all agree — the number one worst thing you can do to your hair is wash it too often.

That's because overwashing your hair will strip it of essential, nourishing oils and cause your once gorgeous mane to look dull.

But if you're worried about having a messey, oily nest on your head by skipping your daily shampoo, here's some good news:

You can have the best of both worlds — hair that looks and feels fresh and vibrant, without having to wash it everyday.

Between running errands, gym sessions, and a busy life in general, dry shampoo slashes your morning prep time down and keeps your hair healthier between salon appointments.

Best of all, you can skip a few washes in the week without anyone noticing. (Really!)

Now, not all dry shampoos are created equal. Many are made with harsh chemicals that can suffocate your hair roots, drag down your volume, and make your hair feel even dirtier the next day.

That's where First Class by IGK comes in... it's a cult classic dry shampoo that can instantly lift dirt and buildup while absorbing oil and sweat without weighing your hair down.

Better still, First Class also nourishes your hair follicles with a gentle white tea powder, so you never have to worry about damaging your scalp.

First Class was developed by
four celebrity hair stylists
who were increasingly tired by the damaged state of their client's hair before red carpet events (read: then, frizzy, totally untameable).
IGK co-founder Chase Kusero with client Sofia Richie @chasehair
IGK co-founder Franck Izquierdo with client Isabella Grutman @Franckhair
IGK co-founder Leo Izquierdo with olympic skateboarder Leticia Bufoni @leohairofficial
IGK co-founder Aaron Grenia backstage at NYFW @aarongreniahair

They wanted to create a product that left hair feeling refreshed without sacrificing volume or leaving the hair sticky.

This isn't your ordinary dry shampoo.

Formulated with powerful charcoal detoxifiers that cleanse your hair without stripping it, First Class can literally replace your post-gym scalp scrub. You can even use it to give your hair a break and go a few days between washes.

Best of all, it's safe for color-treated hair, certified gluten-free, vegan, free of harsh chemicals, and provides UV protection.

Get an instant hair refresh in
minutes, without washing your hair.

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For perfect hair days that really last, it's kind of like magic in a bottle.

First Class is IGK's best seller for good reason. It was named Allure's Best of Beauty in 2021 and called a coveted "holy grail" product by Glamour beauty editors.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what devoted fans have to say about First Class.

  • My Hair Feels So Clean

    “Best dry shampoo hands down. No other product
    has made my hair feel so clean and textured. Has revived 3 day hair which has never been possible for this oily scalp before.”

    - Caroline K.
  • My Holy Grail

    “This is the only dry shampoo I have ever felt actually helped give me that clean hair look. I have a lot of fine textured hair and it looks greasy within 24 hours of washing it. This has helped my heavily highlighted hair stay strong and healthy.”

    - Michelle T.
  • Best Ever!

    “My favorite of all time! I have dark brown nautically
    quite oily hair and this is my holy grail!! I’m a nurse in the emergency room and one application before work lasts me a whole 12 hour shift with no touch ups required!”

    - Jenna B.
  • I'm A Beliver!

    “Have been using this product religiously for about 2 years now and I can't see that every changing”

    - Monica K.

    “This stuff is BOMB!! It actually makes my hair “clean”, instead of just putting grimy powder that absorbs the oil.
    Game changing for sure. I go about 10 days without washing my hair and it’s not gross/greasy at all!”

    - Monica K.
  • Great for Dark,
    Thinning Postpartum Hair

    “This stuff is BOMB!! It actually makes my hair “clean”, instead of just putting grimy powder that absorbs the oil.
    Game changing for sure. I go about 10 days without washing my hair and it’s not gross/greasy at all!”

    - Jenni P.
  • Tames Thick and
    Curly Gym Hair

    “This product is life changing - it removes all of the excess oil and sweat, and is perfect for those last two days before you wash your hair. I only like to wash my hair once a week - because it's so curly and thick that it gets too dry if I over wash it. The powder doesn't leave any residue or make your look like you have dandruff.”

    - Jenni P.
  • The BEST Dry Shampoo

    “I've tried other brands and they do not compare to this dry shampoo. It saves so much time between washes, especially for someone who works out daily. I highly recommend it.”

    - Jessica B.

All you have to do is section your hair, spritz on 6-12 inches from your roots, wait 30 seconds, and gently work the dry shampoo into your scalp with your fingers.

That's it.

For even better results you can apply First Class onto your roots before bed and wake up with gorgeous, voluminous, and clean-looking hair.

Their travel sizes fit perfectly into your gym bag, purse, or even your car, so you can do a touch up on the go.

Recently, IGK teamed up with an LA-based, Australian husband-and-wife visual arts duo DABSMYLA to create limited-edition bottle of First Class.

Get your own colorful, funky, and vibrant design of First Class, while supplies last.

You can even turn the label into a collectible art piece by peeling it back and framing the design.

And as a special offer, if you buy one limited-edition bottle, you can get the second for up to 30% off!