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May 25, 2022
by: Richelle Ford, Senior Editor

Washing your hair every day is a major hair care no-no.

Besides being a pain in your morning routine, stylists and dermatologists all agree over-washing can even be harmful to the health of your hair and scalp. That’s because sudsing up every day also rinses out vital oils that keep our hair healthy and strong.

Here’s where dry shampoo comes in as a must-have item in your hair care toolkit.

It’s not just ideal for giving your hair a break between shampoos, though. Fortunately, the days when we had to pencil in a wash break between spin class and brunch are blissfully behind us thanks to our favorite on-the-go style refresh.

A quick spritz of dry shampoo can revive hair after a workout, preserve your style between blowouts, or even act as a quick pick-me-up between a day of meetings and a night of dancing.

But if you’ve been using the same old dry shampoo for years, we have to let you in on the beauty industry’s best-kept secret…

Not all dry shampoos are created equally.

That means the dry shampoo you use on day 3 hair isn't the same as the one you should use on day 4, 5, or even day 1.

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Think about it, when you leave the salon with a flawless, airy blowout, the last thing you want is to cover your freshly fluffed roots in a heavy-duty oil absorber.

But that’s exactly the product you might reach for on day 4 when things have started to get a little slick.

And what about that awkward in-between phase on day 3? Too much dry shampoo can suck away what little shine you have left, while not enough can make your dinner plans fall flat.

IGK Hair's four founding celebrity stylists have crafted your All-Access Pass to healthy, gorgeous hair on days 1, 5, and every day in between.

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IGK co-founder Chase Kusero with client Sofia Richie @chasehair
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IGK co-founder Franck Izquierdo with client Isabella Grutman @Franckhair
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IGK co-founder Leo Izquierdo with olympic skateboarder Leticia Bufoni @leohairofficial
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IGK co-founder Aaron Grenia backstage at NYFW @aarongreniahair

The secret ingredient in their fight against over-washing is dry shampoo triple threat, Flight Club.

IGK has developed three distinct formulas to help you get the sky-high volume you crave and maintain your classic, always-on-trend look.

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First up is Jet Lag. The most lightweight of any IGK dry shampoo, Jet Lag is the ideal post-wash body builder. Its ultra-light spritz refreshes your hair without adding texture or leaving a visible residue, while also delicately absorbing oil before it begins to build up.

Plus, the addition of ginger root extract in Jet Lag softens and brightens your hair from the first spray. It's also perfect for setting your initial style after a wash even if you have coarse, thick, or curly hair that doesn't produce a lot of oil.

Your second day go-to is Direct Flight, a medium-mist dry shampoo designed to lightly texturize, revive, and add volume to your slept-on, lived-in hair.

Worried about buildup from skipping a wash? Direct Flight does double duty by cleansing your hair with charcoal powder while strengthening and fortifying your follicles and scalp with antioxidant-rich matcha powder.

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We know day 3 can get a little iffy, but don’t sweat it. Simply bump your routine up to First Class. This dry shampoo is a holy grail must-have, IGK bestseller. It’s Allure recommended charcoal cleanser, and named “One of the Best Dry Shampoos Ever,” by Glamour for reasons that speak for themselves.

Perfect for day 3 — and beyond — First Class actually cleanses your hair, absorbing oil and removing odors with dirt and buildup-lifting charcoal powder. It’s also formulated with white tea powder, designed to soothe your scalp as you brush it through from your roots to your ends.

Because of its 7% cleansing powders, you can cruise through your week uninterrupted, without worrying about the style or health of your strands. First Class takes you confidently from cycling to cocktails, even if you have super fine, always-oily hair.

  • My Hair Feels So Clean

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    “Best dry shampoo hands down. No other product
    has made my hair feel so clean and textured. Has revived 3 day hair which has never been possible for this oily scalp before.”

    - Caroline K.
  • My Holy Grail

    “This is the only dry shampoo I have ever felt actually helped give me that clean hair look. I have a lot of fine textured hair and it looks greasy within 24 hours of washing it. This has helped my heavily highlighted hair stay strong and healthy.”

    - Michelle T.
  • Best Ever!

    “My favorite of all time! I have dark brown nautically
    quite oily hair and this is my holy grail!! I’m a nurse in the emergency room and one application before work lasts me a whole 12 hour shift with no touch ups required!”

    - Jenna B.
  • I'm A Beliver!

    “Have been using this product religiously for about 2 years now and I can't see that every changing”

    - Monica K.

    “This stuff is BOMB!! It actually makes my hair “clean”, instead of just putting grimy powder that absorbs the oil.
    Game changing for sure. I go about 10 days without washing my hair and it’s not gross/greasy at all!”

    - Monica K.
  • Great for Dark,
    Thinning Postpartum Hair

    “This stuff is BOMB!! It actually makes my hair “clean”, instead of just putting grimy powder that absorbs the oil.
    Game changing for sure. I go about 10 days without washing my hair and it’s not gross/greasy at all!”

    - Jenni P.
  • Tames Thick and
    Curly Gym Hair

    “This product is life changing - it removes all of the excess oil and sweat, and is perfect for those last two days before you wash your hair. I only like to wash my hair once a week - because it's so curly and thick that it gets too dry if I over wash it. The powder doesn't leave any residue or make your look like you have dandruff.”

    - Jenni P.
  • The BEST Dry Shampoo

    “I've tried other brands and they do not compare to this dry shampoo. It saves so much time between washes, especially for someone who works out daily. I highly recommend it.”

    - Jessica B.

The unique beauty of the IGK Flight Club dry shampoos is that they're all skillfully formulated to work together to prolong the life and appearance of your hairstyle.

We both know that your first wash semi-shine isn't the same as your post-workout glow.

That's why our celebrity stylists designed a dry shampoo line tailored to your specific needs, no matter how frequently (or infrequently) you wash your hair.

Get your All-Access pass to the 3-step Flight Club line for up to 40% off, or lock in your style with a 60 or 90-day subscription for additional savings.

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