20 Jul, 2022
IGK Hair has created the ultimate at-home hair color kit — and it's seriously glamorous.
And what if this awe-inspiring kit was developed by world-renowned celebrity hair stylists trusted by the best salons in the industry?

Box dye has long been a major taboo in the high-end hair care industry.

Just ask any hair stylist who’s spent grueling hours correcting at-home color mishaps.

But what if a box dye came along that didn’t force your stylist to work overtime to color correct your hair?

What if an at-home hair color kit arrived on the scene with crisp, clean ingredients, stunning shine-inducing properties, and red-carpet-ready results?

And what if this awe-inspiring kit was developed by world-renowned celebrity hair stylists trusted by the best salons in the industry?

IGK’s Bestselling Permanent Color Kit Gives
Luxury, Salon-Quality Color At Home

Say goodbye to off-tones, brittle strands, and dull locks, and say hey girl hey
to the vibrant, healthy, shiny hair of your daydreams.

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Formulated by premier celebrity stylists, Franck Izquierdo, Chase Kusero, Aaron Grenia, and Leo Izquierdo, the IGK Hair Permanent Color Kit is the ultimate at-home hair color, and is fully equipped with everything you need for the perfect color every time.

From their seamless Color Block Barrier Gel, included to keep dye from staining the skin around your hairline and ears, to a Stain-Removing Cleanser to clear up any stray stains on skin or work surfaces, IGK has you covered from beginning to end — and every step in between.

IGK designed the Permanent Color Kit for clients who either aren’t near an IGK salon or already do their hair at home and want something more interesting, high-quality, and cleaner than the old box dye that’s been available for decades.

The Permanent Color Kit delivers exactly what your look demands — easy solutions and ahead-of-the-trend colors with multiple styling options.

The 25-color range, inspired by IGK’s staff of celebrity stylists, was created to put you in the driver’s seat and bring luxury, high-end-salon-quality hair color to the comfort of your own home. So you get the signature IGK salon experience without even booking an appointment.

25 Signature Shades from Traditional to Fun, to Reinvent your hair.

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00:00 Black
Hair, Jaw, Automotive tire, Grey, Art, Automotive wheel system, Fashion accessory, Metal, Event, Circle
Original Brown
Table, Wood, Rectangle, Serveware, Dishware, Wood stain, Circle, Automotive wheel system, Font, Automotive tire
1-800 Espresso
Head, Automotive tire, Rectangle, Automotive wheel system, Circle, Fashion accessory, Metal, Art, Font, Event
Back to Brown
Automotive tire, Rectangle, Liver, Table, Wood, Circle, Automotive wheel system, Fashion accessory, Metal, Tableware
Hot Chestnut
Warm Up
Movie Night
But First Coffee
Mystic Love
French Riviera
Sunset Lover
Smoky Scarlet
Almost Blonde
Dirty Blonde
Copper Cola
Out In Malibu
Stay Gold Baby
Moon Dance
Astro Babe
French Rose
Surf Club
Pampas Blonde

Boasting incomparable results that are clinically proven to leave your hair:


Reduced Breakage




Softer and Smoother Strands

True to their reputation for high-end service — at the salon or in your home — IGK has made it easier than ever to achieve the hair of your dreams with their nuanced shade range that includes both traditional colors like 1-800 ESPRESSO, a luscious and dimensional deep brown, as well as adventurous trend-setting tones like ASTRO BABE, the ultimate cool-girl, spacey lavender.

The best part? You don’t need to rely on photo editing apps to test out your new color. IGK’s fool-proof Virtual Try-On Tool allows you to test all 25 signature shades on your hair virtually, so you can make the best decision possible.

Indecisive? Their site also features a tailored-to-you Hair Color Quiz! Simply answer a few fun questions and get your hand-picked personalized shade recommendations delivered instantly.

And if you blaze through the Hair Color Quiz and slay the Virtual Try-On Tool but still have questions, don’t worry — IGK always has your back.

Simply book an online consultation with an IGK expert stylist who will help you with shade matching, share insider tips and tricks, and walk you through the entire at-home coloring process so you can rock your new look with confidence!

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Absolutely love this kit. Has color remover for skin and blocker. If you have long hair 2 boxes work best. I definetly recommend.

Emily S.

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I got this for my daughter in law who's blonde. Easy to use! Directions are super easy to follow that newbies wouldn't have a problem! Smells good! Very cute color!

Michelle C.

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This was soo easy to use and the color was so beautiful!

Vanessa B.

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Went with surf club it’s like a dirty blonde but looks amazing! Will never buy from Sally's again! IGK IS THE BEST!

Rocky L.


Get your Permanent Color Kit for your best, healthiest, most vibrant hair — from touch-up to transformation.


Like all IGK Hair products, the Permanent Color Kit was skillfully formulated to enhance the life and look of your hairstyle.

This easy-to-apply hair dye uses vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and ammonia-free ingredients like squalane, orchid, and bamboo extract to keep your hair at its healthiest and most glamorous. Plus, its ultra-rich and safe ingredients are perfect for all hair types and textures and guaranteed to leave your hair super soft, silky smooth, and seriously shiny.

Named Best At-Home Hair Color by the New York Post, TODAY, and Allure (twice).

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The IGK Permanent Color Kit is the first box dye your stylist approves of — and the last you’ll ever buy.

Regardless of if you’re looking for a root touch up, maintenance between salon appointments, or a total hair transformation, IGK’s Permanent Color Kit is the only at-home color system that will leave your hair vibrant, dimensional, and — most importantly — healthy.

Find your perfect shade and rock your style with confidence. Get your IGK at-home Permanent Color Kit today and live in color.

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Your Permanent Color Kit delivers salon-worthy color with at-home convenience — so you can rock your best hair, everywhere.

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