How to Safely Reopen Your Salon

How to Safely Reopen Your Salon

Salon Reopening Tips

  1. Make Employee Safety Your #1 Priority

First things first, make your employees feel safe and comfortable in the salon. IGK Cofounder, Franck Izquierdo says, “for us it’s not about money, it’s about safety right now. We want people to feel relaxed.” Below, you can see the steps IGK has taken to ensure employee safety was prioritized.  

✔️White jumpsuits and clear glasses were purchased for all employees to wear while at work.

✔️Employees have their temperature taken outside of the salon before entering.

✔️Flexible staff schedules have been instituted and separated into two time frames to maintain better social distancing.

✔️An outside cleaning staff has been hired to regularly and thoroughly clean the salon.

  1. Update the Layout of Your Salon 

IGK Miami’s 22-chair salon has been revamped by slimming down the number of stations to around 13 to 14 chairs and removed its waiting area entirely. Glass panels were installed in between each station along with plexi panels added on both sides of the salon’s 8 sinks. “Everybody knows color takes two hours minimum so we need people not to be in the box, but we want separation between clients so people feel more secure and also feel like they are with people,” says Franck.

  1. Have Proper Cleaning Supplies On-Hand

Take your cleaning regimen up a notch to ensure everyone’s safety. “We bought gallons of alcohol, wipes, [because] the cleaning is going to be [the] most important,” says Franck. “We’ll have at least four people all day just making sure the salon is clean. A loop all the time of cleaning.”

Disinfect hard surfaces and glass with a top tier spray. We recommend Ecolab Disinfectant Cleaner Spray, which kills coronavirus in five minutes. We suggest UV lights be placed in your HVAC unit to kill germs. 

  1. Pre-Book & Prioritize Services

If your salon has a waiting list before you reopen, prioritize clients with a previously cancelled appointment due to the coronavirus. Below are a few more ways IGK Miami’s salon is keeping things running smoothly: 

✔️ The salon will only be taking full color service clients.

✔️ Blow drying at the beginning of the appointment has been eliminated to cut the session down by 30-40%

  1. Encourage Online Purchases

To avoid crowding at the front desk, encourage clients to purchase all product online. If your clients want to purchase IGK products, they can find them at, Ulta Beauty and Sephora


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June 26, 2020 — Taylor Custer


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re staying in with a cutie, going on a fancy date or having a girls night out on the town, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up 4 perfect hair styles for whatever your Valentine’s Day may look like. Grab your go-to IGK Hair product, pick your favorite look and let’s get styling. 

Sleek straight hair

Sexy & Sleek 

Keep your hair smooth & sleek on V-Day using GOOD BEHAVIOR Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray. Mist Good Behavior all over your damp hair, blow dry it & flat iron for some extra sleekness. Oh and don’t worry, GOOD BEHAVIOR offers up to 24 hours of frizz control. 

sleek high pony

Girls Night Out Pony 

1-800-HOLD-ME will add pearlescent shine while keeping the fly-aways at bay. After picking up your hair, grab a section of hair from the bottom of your pony, wrap it around your hair tie and secure it with a bobby pin. We like high ponies and high standards. 

romantic updo

Romantic Updo 

Nothing says “I’m into you” like this effortlessly chic updo. Work in a small amount of RICH KID onto your hair, grab a brush & smooth it back. Once you’ve tied it into a top knot, use the excess product on your hands to add some texture to your bangs. It’ll look like you’ve been getting ready for hours, but really you had time to cram in an episode of your current Netflix binge before heading out the door. 

Soft waves

Flirty & Wavy 

Grab your go-to curling iron, a wide-toothed comb & BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray. After curling, brush through with your comb to give your curls a more relaxed look. Spray as much BEACH CLUB as you’d like, its no-strings-attached formula will deliver texture while remaining soft & touchable. 


Looking for more inspo? Make sure to visit @IGKHair on instagram for product Q&As, How Tos and more. 

February 12, 2020 — Helen Barreto


  1. Use comb to section off the top of hair just below the crown
  2. Apply BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray to top section and clip up
  3. Dispense a generous amount of RICH KID Coconut Oil Gel into hands and start to pull top section up into a pony
  4. Tie and secure pony with elastic
  5. Take small sections of pony and tease at the base for extra volume
  6. Use curling iron and curl small sections of the pony
  7. Mist BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray on bottom section of hair for extra texture & grip
  8. Use a curling iron to flat wrap the bottom section for a more bouncy, voluminous look
  9. Apply 1-800 HOLD ME No-Crunch Hairspray for extra hold
  10. Brush out curls and tease at the root for extra volume
  11. Wrap desired scrunchie around elastic and tease small pieces
  12. Finish with SPEECHLESS Dry Oil Finishing Spray for frizz control and extra shine

Watch full tutorial on how to get this Stranger Things-inspired look, click here

October 21, 2019 — Helen Barreto



  1. Start by parting hair evenly down the center
  2. Starting on one side, take sub sections and saturate with water, leaving mid-lengths to ends dry
  3. Apply a generous amount of RICH KID Coconut Oil Gel to each section and slick down with comb
  4. Use two combs to start to create the "s" shape
  5. Use your fingers with your comb or desired tool to mold the waves down the side of face, just past the ear
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. Apply 1-800 HOLD ME No-Crunch Hairspray for extra hold
  8. Damp the back of the hair with water and apply rich kid to create a wet wavy texture
  9. Use flat clips around the nape of the head to set the style
  10. Use a curling iron to add waves or curls for a more defined look
  11. Mist SPEECHLESS Dry Oil Spray on the s-waves for extra shine and frizz control
  12. Mist THIRSTY GIRL Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner on mid-lengths to ends to achieve more of a wet look
  13. Complete look with HOUSE PARTY Hair & Body Glitter Sticks where desired

Watch a full video on how to get this Joker-inspired look, here.

October 21, 2019 — Helen Barreto
5 Ways To Protect & Extend Your Color

5 Ways To Protect & Extend Your Color

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water opens up the cuticle  causing the color to lift from your hair.  Wash with warm water + rinse with cold water to protect from color fading. For added color dimension + protection seal your strands with Expensive High-Shine Topcoat, this UV protecting glaze instantly forms to hair, creating a transparent, weightless shield locking in your fresh color.


Shampoo Less

Wait 3 days to wash your hair after coloring allowing the cuticle time to close + the color to set. Even the most gently shampoos can dislodge color molecules and contribute to color fading if you’re washing every day. To keep your hair looking + feeling clean without over washing us a dry shampoo Like First Class to control oil, sweat, and odor.


Sun Protection

Hats are great to protect your hair (and face) from the sun’s harmful rays. For extra defense we include UV protection in almost all of our products. Before a day in the sun mist your hair with Speechless Dry Oil Finishing Spray to protect from UV damage while adding incredible shine.


Skip Thick Treatment Masks

Deep treatments masks can drag the color pigments out of your hair when rinsed out. Instead opt for something that treats damage without having to wash your hair. Antisocial Overnight Bond-Building Dry Hair Mask uses first of its kind leave-in time release technology to repair + strengthen without having to wash.


Choose Gentle Products

Choose a shampoo that’s sulfate free. Sulfates are heavy-duty cleansing agents that remove color molecules + moisture from the hair. This is why we formulate all of our products without sulfates or parabens, making them safe for color treated + chemically processed hair. Reach for a repair shampoo like Bad & Bougie Amla Oil Deep Repair Shampoo that works from within the hair shaft to build stronger healthier hair both immediately + over time.


Keep Your Color Looking Fresh

Keep your color fresh between appointments by eliminating brassy undertones. Combine Mixed Feelings Leave-In Toning Drops to your shampoo, conditioner, or styling products you can extend the life of your color between appointments. Use the purple drops to tone out yellow hues, and our new blue brunette drops for red or orange hues.

September 12, 2019 — Cristina Szewczyk
How to Care for Blonde in the Summer

How to Care for Blonde in the Summer

Blondes may have more fun, but they might have more problems when it comes to maintaining the perfect shade. Not to worry! Read on to find out how to #selfie-proof your blonde hair all through summer and beyond.

Whether you’re a natural blond or a bottle blond, we know you want to keep your golden locks healthy and radiant. Read below for our tips on how to maintain the perfect shade all year round.

1. Reduce Washes

Instead of washing frequently, opt for a dry shampoo. IGK Dry Shampoos will clean and revive dirty, oily hair until your next wash.  

2. Eliminate Sulfates

Sulfates strip the hair of essential oils, which can be damaging for color. Choose sulfate-free shampoos and hydrating conditioners for optimal maintenance.

3. Protect from Sun Damage

UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged and frizzy. Use products with UV protection that shield hair from the sun.

4. Add Mixed Feelings to Regimen

Turn your favorite hair product into a custom-mixed toner with Mixed Feelings Blonde or Brunette Toning Drops. Banish brassiness and keep your shade true. 

5. Add Blocked to Regimen

Water is one of the most damaging elements for hair and can fade its color. To protect your hair, you can apply a conditioner before entering the water or use Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield to seal the cuticle and prevent damage.

6. Add Mistress to Regimen

Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm is an innovative leave-in conditioning balm that melts into your hair and instantly boosts hydration.

7. Protect from Heat Styling

Heat styling hair damages and weakens the cuticle over time. Apply a heat-protective product like Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray that will protect, strengthen and nourish hair against high temperatures.


May 31, 2019 — Helen Barreto
How to Get Beach Ready Humidity-Proof Hair

How to Get Beach Ready Humidity-Proof Hair

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, which means more beach days and time to cash in that PTO! While lounging on the beach sipping a piña colada, you definitely shouldn’t have to worry about your hair frizzing up and killing your buzz. So if you’ve got beach days or a tropical vacay coming up, influencer Sona Gasparian is here to help you get the humidity-proof, frizz free curls you’ve always wanted!

Step 1: Starting with damp hair, apply Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm and work into hair from roots to ends. Brush through with fingers or a Wet Brush for even distribution.

Step 2: Section hair and blow dry using the T3 Cura Hair Dryer with the smooth styling concentrator attachment.


Step 3: Apply Speechless Dry Oil Finishing Spray to each section of hair to reduce frizz and add hydration. Repeat each section until whole head is completed.


Step 4: Divide hair and section with hair clips. Using the T3 1” Undone Waves curling wand, take small ½” sections of hair, leaving about 2 inches out for a more undone look. Hold for 5 seconds.


Step 5: Release hair and alternate direction of curl (away from face and towards the face).


Step 6: After curling each section, spray Beach Club Texture Spray 12 inches away from the hair for natural-looking texture.


Step 7: Repeat until whole head is complete. (Note: Curls will be tight, but will open up and become more beachy throughout the day and after sleeping on hair)


Step 8: Finish with a Sincerely Jules x Scunci headband for a fun, warm weather friendly look.

For more beauty tips, tricks and inspo:


May 28, 2019 — Helen Barreto
Easy Beach Waves With One Product

Easy Beach Waves With One Product

You don’t need to head to the beach this summer to master the art of super easy (and incredibly soft) beach waves. All you need is Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, your favorite blow dryer and two buns.



Step 1: Warm up a quarter sized amount of Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel in palms by rubbing them together.




Step 2: Gently work through towel-dried/damp hair concentrating on your ends.




Step 3: Part hair down the middle and twist into a low bun on each side using bobby pins to keep hair in place.




Step 4: Blow dry your hair until it’s dry. The longer you dry it, the tighter your beach curls will be.




For added body and texture, flip hair upside down & spray Beach Club Texture Spray all over.




May 07, 2019 — Cristina Szewczyk
Festival Hair Styles for the Desert and Beyond

Festival Hair Styles for the Desert and Beyond

Festival braids and glitter hair- here are four festival looks to get you through the festival season and beyond. Desert hair, don't care.


  1. On dry hair, section hair and spray FIRST CLASS Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo from roots to ends. Wait 30 seconds and massage in to reduce any oil and add volume.
  2. Part hair down the center.
  3. Add BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray from roots to ends to give hair body and grip.
  4. On one side of the head, do a Dutch braid. Pull out pieces and pull up sections as you go for an effortless look.
  5. Secure with an elastic at the nape of the neck.  
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Add RICH KID Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler through lengths of the pony for a textured, high-shine finish.
  8. OPTION: Add HOUSE PARTY Hair & Body Glitter Stick over part and down lengths of pony. Build for a more opaque look.


  1. Gather hair into a pony center of the head. Secure with an elastic. Take a small piece of hair from the pony and wrap around the elastic.
  2. Mix MISTRESS Hydrating Hair Balm and RICH KID Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler in palms and run over air on scalp and over ends of hair for light hold, frizz control and a high-shine look.
  3. Add BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray over the lengths of the pony to add volume and grip.
  4. Use small elastics and secure the pony every 2-3 inches.
  5. In each secured section, pull the hair out slightly to get a bubbled look. Add more BEACH CLUB
  6. Finish with SPEECHLESS Dry Oil Finishing Spray for Hair & Body for weightless shine.


DISCO PART-Y Glitter Part with Braid

  1. On dry hair, section hair and spray FIRST CLASS Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo from roots to ends. Wait 30 seconds and massage in to reduce any oil and add volume.
  2. Using a tail comb, section the hair along the crown of the head. Go from the middle of the forehead diagonally back to create a triangle. Using the section on the top of the head, create a Dutch braid.
  3. Work RICH KID Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler over palms and finger comb through mid-shaft to ends. Scrunch for texture.
  4. Add BEACH CLUB Volumizing Hair Spray through mid-shaft to ends for extra volume.
  5. Add HOUSE PARTY Hair & Body Glitter Stick along the part. Start at the part and rub down towards the ends. Move in small sections working vertically.


DISCO PART-Y Glitter Part 

  1. On dry hair, section hair and spray FIRST CLASS Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo from roots to ends. Wait 30 seconds and massage in to reduce any oil and add volume.
  2. Work RICH KID Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler over palms and finger comb through mid-shaft to ends. Scrunch for texture.
  3. Add BEACH CLUB Volumizing Hair Spray through mid-shaft to ends for extra volume.
  4. Add HOUSE PARTY Hair & Body Glitter Stick along the part. Start at the part and rub down towards the ends. Move in small sections working vertically.



March 29, 2019 — Cristina Szewczyk
What Causes Frizz + Static and How To Prevent It

What Causes Frizz + Static and How To Prevent It

Volume is great when it’s intentional. The perfect lift or shape keeps hair voluminous and healthy, but when it comes to frizz and static that’s the type of extra we can do without. In order to understand how to prevent this unwanted volume, you have to understand where this kind of breakage comes from. Below we’ve mapped out what causes frizz and static—and how to avoid it like a bad ex.


The Skinny on Frizz

Frizz happens when hair follicles aren't sealed. For curly haired girls, hair follicles are naturally more open than straight hair which is why girls with curls are more susceptible to frizz and static. For everyone else, frizz comes simply from dry, damaged hair. The formula for the least amount of frizz is easy. A sealed follicle means minimal frizz.

All you really need to know is that when hair is smooth, it’s because your hair fibers are lying flat. When your hair gets damaged through heat and styling, those fibers lift – either allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands (resulting in frizz) or allowing moisture to escape, resulting in dehydrated hair and lots of static.


It’s All About Balance

Thankfully preventing frizz and static is pretty simple. Just identify which one you struggle with and surround yourself with the support you need via our favorite products below.

FRIZZ= Too Much Moisture in the Hair Follicle

If you’ve reached your limit on frizz, try the products below to keep follicles locked down and excess moisture out:

  • Crybaby: This serum-in-oil formula absorbs into the hair getting down to business to eliminate frizz, smooths, softens and adds shine.  
  • Good Behavior: So much more than a heat-protective spray, this styler mimics the smoothing results of a keratin treatment without all the hours at the salon.
  • Bad & Bougie Shampoo & Conditioner: This dynamic duo strengthens hair immediately and over time, instantly hydrating while enhancing shine and minimizing broken follicles.

 STATIC= NOT ENOUGH MOISTURE in the hair follicle

 If you can’t get rid of static flyaways, try these products to hydrate hair and keep it looking smooth:

  • Thirsty Girl: This powerhouse creates a rich moisture barrier for deep hydration and protection while Pure Coconut Milk smoothes, nourishes, and strengthens to prevent breakage.
  • Mistress: This innovative leave-in conditioning balm melts into lengths but remains feather light for instant smoothing.
  • Swipe Up: These wipes are our secret weapon against frizz and static. Their blend of Avocado and Camellia Oils work to calm static and block humidity without disturbing your style. One swipe leaves hair instantly tamed and shiny. You’re welcome.
December 04, 2018 — Cristina Szewczyk
How To Extend & Tone Your Hair Color

How To Extend & Tone Your Hair Color

how to tone and extend your hair color

You spend your hard-earned cash at the salon coloring and toning your hair. So how do you make it last? Here are 3 tips for extending and toning your hair color-


1. No More Sulfates

The facts are simple: sulfates and hair don’t mix well, which means the harsh chemicals in most products claiming to keep your color strong are probably stripping the hair of exactly what you are trying to keep in.

In science speak: they’re damaging your natural top layer which is what keeps your dye in. In regular speak: ditch the sulfates. Easy, since all IGK products are sulfate-free.


2. Tone At Home.

Some toning is best left to the professionals, but you can add a few quick drops of  Mixed Feelings, our leave-in toning drops, to combat everyday brass. Bonus: these are infused with Prickly Pear Cactus Extract to soften and shine while keeping your color in check.  

What’s the deal with brass?

When darker hair is lightened, it tends to have warmer underlying pigments which can start to show when the initial color begins to wear off. This usually results in "warming" up the hair color and turning it yellow or orange.

A toner simply cuts down the warm hues, bringing out the blue undertones without absorbing into the hair follicles and drying them out—returning your color to Instafamous status.


3. Damage Control.

The thing about coloring your hair is that damage is sort of guaranteed, but you can revive strands by using the right shampoo and conditioner to lock in color and shine.

 The combo you want to call when things are looking bleak or dull?  Our Bad & Bougie Shampoo and Conditioner duo will work wonders. They:

  • Bring your hair back to life by adding moisture.
  • Strengthen your scalp with nourishing Alma Oil.
  • Cleanse without stripping and help to replenish the lipid layer to keep color locked in.
  • And they help to seal and polish the cuticle to keep hair color looking vibrant.

Also try the following styling tips to keep hair, no matter what color, looking good:

  1.  Get regular trims
  2. Minimize the number of times you wash your hair per week (Hint: more dry shampoo)
  3. Go natural when it comes to drying and let the air do its thing.
  4.  If you need heat, always prep with a heat-protectant styler
  5. Deep cleanse & condition at least once per week. We have a few favorites listed here.

P.S. If you’ve had a particularly traumatic salon visit, don’t worry we’ve been there. Check out our tips for preventing and treating damaged hair to get your hair feeling healthy again.

October 29, 2018 — Cristina Szewczyk
How To Care For Your Scalp & Why

How To Care For Your Scalp & Why

Skincare is huge. What if we told you, skincare doesn’t stop at the hairline? Extending your skin routine to your scalp, with the right products, can help keep hair shiny, strong and healthy.
October 02, 2018 — Cristina Szewczyk