1. Use comb to section off the top of hair just below the crown
  2. Apply BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray to top section and clip up
  3. Dispense a generous amount of RICH KID Coconut Oil Gel into hands and start to pull top section up into a pony
  4. Tie and secure pony with elastic
  5. Take small sections of pony and tease at the base for extra volume
  6. Use curling iron and curl small sections of the pony
  7. Mist BEACH CLUB Volumizing Texture Spray on bottom section of hair for extra texture & grip
  8. Use a curling iron to flat wrap the bottom section for a more bouncy, voluminous look
  9. Apply 1-800 HOLD ME No-Crunch Hairspray for extra hold
  10. Brush out curls and tease at the root for extra volume
  11. Wrap desired scrunchie around elastic and tease small pieces
  12. Finish with SPEECHLESS Dry Oil Finishing Spray for frizz control and extra shine

Watch full tutorial on how to get this Stranger Things-inspired look, click here