What Causes Frizz + Static and How To Prevent It

Volume is great when it’s intentional. The perfect lift or shape keeps hair voluminous and healthy, but when it comes to frizz and static that’s the type of extra we can do without. In order to understand how to prevent this unwanted volume, you have to understand where this kind of breakage comes from. Below we’ve mapped out what causes frizz and static—and how to avoid it like a bad ex.


The Skinny on Frizz

Frizz happens when hair follicles aren't sealed. For curly haired girls, hair follicles are naturally more open than straight hair which is why girls with curls are more susceptible to frizz and static. For everyone else, frizz comes simply from dry, damaged hair. The formula for the least amount of frizz is easy. A sealed follicle means minimal frizz.

All you really need to know is that when hair is smooth, it’s because your hair fibers are lying flat. When your hair gets damaged through heat and styling, those fibers lift – either allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands (resulting in frizz) or allowing moisture to escape, resulting in dehydrated hair and lots of static.


It’s All About Balance

Thankfully preventing frizz and static is pretty simple. Just identify which one you struggle with and surround yourself with the support you need via our favorite products below.

FRIZZ= Too Much Moisture in the Hair Follicle

If you’ve reached your limit on frizz, try the products below to keep follicles locked down and excess moisture out:

  • Crybaby: This serum-in-oil formula absorbs into the hair getting down to business to eliminate frizz, smooths, softens and adds shine.  
  • Good Behavior: So much more than a heat-protective spray, this styler mimics the smoothing results of a keratin treatment without all the hours at the salon.
  • Bad & Bougie Shampoo & Conditioner: This dynamic duo strengthens hair immediately and over time, instantly hydrating while enhancing shine and minimizing broken follicles.

 STATIC= NOT ENOUGH MOISTURE in the hair follicle

 If you can’t get rid of static flyaways, try these products to hydrate hair and keep it looking smooth:

  • Thirsty Girl: This powerhouse creates a rich moisture barrier for deep hydration and protection while Pure Coconut Milk smoothes, nourishes, and strengthens to prevent breakage.
  • Mistress: This innovative leave-in conditioning balm melts into lengths but remains feather light for instant smoothing.
  • Swipe Up: These wipes are our secret weapon against frizz and static. Their blend of Avocado and Camellia Oils work to calm static and block humidity without disturbing your style. One swipe leaves hair instantly tamed and shiny. You’re welcome.