What to pack when you leave for the holidays


When it comes to the holidays there are a few crucial things to lock down. The perfect holiday sweater, the right balance of cookies to consume, and the ever-illusive packing list. Whether you’re headed back to your hometown, on a weekend trip with friends, or a full-on getaway, ‘tis the season for packing. Below we’ve rounded up a few things we won’t be leaving without to survive the sometimes-annoying pilgrimage of the season—because nothing is as festive as knowing you have everything you need.


Something to keep the germs away

It doesn’t matter if you’re braving the airport pre-holiday or getting ready for an extensive car ride, anti-bacterial wipes should be part of every carry-on and weekender bag packed this season. Germs are everywhere and don’t look so good paired with that ski trip you were planning.


Something for when you don’t feel like showering

When you’re traveling or on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is doing your hair. Keep your style going and going—and focus your time on more important things like Christmas movie marathons—with our Flight Club Dry Shampoo Travel Trio. There’s an option for every level of dirty and they’re mini which means they’re TSA-ready.


Something to keep your skin hydrated…

With a plane ticket also comes the guarantee of dry skin. Fight the mile-high dry out with a hydrating cream mask, like this one from Summer Fridays, to get super dewy and hydrated skin that looks upgraded—even if you did apply it in the middle seat.


...And your lips

Don’t forget a moisturizing lip balm. Lips are one of the first things to get dried out in the winter, especially when you’re changing climates or traveling. P.S. this one from Tarte comes in multiple shades for a subtle tint while it smooths.


Something cozy to keep you warm

Besides being a guaranteed conversation piece, these socks will keep you super warm. Pack them into your winter boots or wear without shoes during hour 9 of your holiday road trip.  


Something to snack on

Always bring a snack. You never know when you could get hangry. Keep a bar in every bag you pack just in case your airline decides it has other plans than getting you somewhere on time. Try this vegan protein bar.


Something to keep you looking refreshed

Looking perfect after a long travel day is a total myth. But you can get yourself back to human-looking status with a few quick tricks. Try applying a fresh coat of mascara to open eyes and look awake. A quick dose of hair product will also do wonders so your hair looks more “intentionally undone” and less “I slept on this”. For that effortless look try this.