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Holiday Hairstyle: Slicked Back Bobby Pin Look


There’s no better time to make a statement than while sitting in the living room, dodging relationship status questions from your great aunts at your family holiday party. This year, IGK Founder Leo Izquierdo put together a look simple enough to recreate, but bold enough to be the center of any conversation using just bobby pins, your go-to curler and 3 of our most loved IGK Hair products.  



1. Start by parting your hair. Pick up the top part & section it off with clips. 

2. Spray BEACH CLUB on the bottom section to add some texture & volume. 

3. Bring out your curler & curl the bottom half of your hair

4. Use a wide tooth comb to loosen up the curls 

5. Spray BEACH CLUB once again for some extra volume & dimension 

6. Let the rest of your hair down, and part it down the middle. 

7. Brush your hair back, using 1-800-HOLD-ME to slick back pesky flyaways and pearlescent shine

8. Grab a set of Get Clipped Creaseless Clips & gently place them on each side of the head, holding your hair in place 

9. Curl the remaining pieces of hair & very lightly brush it out

10. Remove the clips, spray 1-800-HOLD-ME & comb down flyaways, achieving ultimate sleekness

11. Pick up your statement bobby pins & begin placing them on the sides of your head

12. Finish the look by spraying BEACH CLUB for extra volume,  SPEECHLESS for extra shine and 1-800-HOLD-ME for some extra hold.